You’ve been doing it for years, but maybe you still don’t know why.

Yesterday my yoga teacher knocked me over – not literally, figuratively.
“The reason we practice yoga” she said, “is to be able to remain in the meditative posture longer.”


Not to keep fit then, not to stay flexible or because it makes me feel geat?? For 35 years I’ve been practicing yoga without knowing the real reason why I do it! Of course! I do it so I can STOP, relax, regain focus and go within.

You’ve been laughing for years, practically your whole life. But could you answer the question: What’s the true purpose of laughter?

Yes, it keeps you fit, mentally agile, happy. But the true purpose of laughter is ‘self-forgetting’. Laughter is an act of self detachment that allows us to forget all our painful internal references, all our limited notions about ourselves, all our attempts to control the outcome. And instead connect to our life force; our power to overcome, rise above or move on.

Laughter is a stopping point where we can relax, find a fresh perspective and connect to love.

Practice self-forgetting, practice #clown.

Caroline Dream