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Caroline Dream | Speaker

About the clown, our sense of humour, and the benefits of using both in everyday life.

I believe that clown wisdom and the wisdom of clowning should no longer be kept a professional secret. Why? Because it’s high time everyone connected to, and enjoyed, their personal clown’s unique talents and abilities.
Over the last few decades, the figure of the clown has been generally misinterpreted, leading to a confusion about his/her purpose and usefulness. Most people simply don’t know what the true art of clowning can activate or unleash within themselves.
My talks aim to open the lid on the many aspects of this ancient art that have yet to be told… it’s rich history, it’s essential characteristics, it’s work in the world today, etc… plus the specific techniques used in clown training that lead people to have positive insights or change essential aspects of their personal or professional life.

● 2018 District 59 International Speech Competition
1st place winner, Toastmasters International.

● 2018 Public Speaking for Leaders Trainer
at IESE Business School, Barcelona

Caroline Dream - Speaker