Plug in to your humour, creativity and uniqueness

Being an adult doesn’t mean losing sight of playfulness and fun; those light-hearted attitudes that spark your inner brilliance. Yes, there are challenges… big ones and small ones. Life can get messy and complicated and emotionally challenging. That’s why it’s important to secure a life-line to your most resilient and vital self, so you don’t sink when things get uncomfortable.

Though you may not know it, a swift intake of clown wisdom is all you need to remain connected to your best self, even when the going gets tough. Clowns have a refreshing perspective on reality. By entering their universe, you’ll be reminded just how simple it is to plug into your innate flexibility and power… and engage with others more creatively.

  30+ years stage experience

  Co-founder of Public Speakers Association Spain

  1st place winner, District 59 International Speech Competition, Toastmasters International. 2018

  Advanced Silver Communication Award, Toastmasters International. 2019

  High Impact Presentations Coach for Institut de Formació Continua (IL3), Universidad de Barcelona. 2019

  Public Speaking for Leaders Trainer at IESE Business School, Barcelona, since 2018

Caroline Dream Motivational Speaker
Caroline Dream Motivational Speaker
Caroline Dream Speaker