Student’s Comments Initiation Clown Workshops

David Monge (Sória) – graffic designer:
Just to say thanks for helping me find what I had inside me, for being as you are, for making us feel… I was moved and it has changed my life. I now know that I need to make people laugh, be a clown, travel the world clowning. This might seem like madness but my body demands it. Just to say that thanks to you I have found what really will satisfy me.

Sebastian Pordomingo (Barcelona) – computer programmer:
Thanks. The weekend workshop moved me deeply. I didn’t have the faintest clue that this work would grab me so completely, to the point of being completely hooked. Now I have an unwavering objective: to release the restless clown that is within me.

Alberto Comodin (León) – actor:
At all times you were attentive to each of us, and I know how difficult that can be and the energy needed to make it work. You have helped me bring out my clown. Every day now I look people in the eyes – not just my public but also my friends, family, even strangers in the street. Something has changed in me because I now feel their response. So you’re helping to change the world with those red noses that you give out in your courses.

Nuria Rodriguez (Barcelona) – self employed:
I feel so fortunate to have taken this workshop, uncovering the clown in me. I don’t want to hide or lose her, because I need her. I’m really baffled to explain the fun I had while I was in front of all of you, despite the fear and the initial embarrassment that I felt. Being on stage or speaking in front of a group of people has always made me feel embarrassed. I don’t like people looking at me, I prefer to go unnoticed, both on a personal and professional level. I don’t know what the red nose has that makes me really myself. I felt really happy and had such fun, even in front of this group of strangers.

Julia Lopes (Girona) – student:
To those who read this and are thinking of doing a course with Caroline: Do It! Don’t be afraid to open up. Enjoy yourself as much as you can from the first second onwards! Play, laugh, tire yourself out like a child, recover things that you thought you’d forgotten along the road to growing up. You may be an adult, but don’t forget the things that you enjoyed when you were young, you can enjoy them still. A very special experience.

Valeria Esandon (Lima – Peru) – clown:
A thousand thanks for the course, for the space, for the hug when I broke down, for allowing me to open up, for in turn opening up yourself, for making us live in those two days through a thousand emotions, a thousand smiles, a thousand tendernesses, a thousand magic moments. I think we all felt that there was something very special about this group of people, with everyone’s energy helping to open our hearts. On a technical level the course was brilliant: working together you made things move, advance, slowly but surely, and despite the limited amount of time we all learnt sooooo much. Learnt from you, learnt from our clowns, from ourselves, from the red nose, from each other, from our feelings, from opening our eyes, from observing. This course inspired me!!! Sometimes I close my eyes and I´m there again, and of course, I´m smiling.

Antonio de Jesus (Puerto Rico) – actor:
You possess an enormous capacity for listening, for observing, and incorporate this in your work. “Clowning is not a technique but a state of being”. You allowed me to feel sufficiently confident to throw myself into the deep end of this state of being and live the experience. I felt relaxed, like being inside a bubble, in a moment of pause where things seemed like a game of giving and receiving, without worries or hurries, in harmony. For the first time I could look outwards with such an intensity that even now, a month later, I can still see you all. Your advice to enjoy myself has certainly been of use to me even when not clowning. I don’t know if my clown will grow but your course has certainly given birth to it. And as far as the exercises, structure and information is concerned, you communicated it all very well.

Jesus Ignacio Ayala (Mexico) – actor:
I’m very grateful for the support and help you gave me. I thought I would never be successful, but thanks to you, I got there! I know that I have a long way to go before I can be a clown, but the help you gave me, to find that honesty in my work, was wonderful. That way of being yourself, stripped of all one’s disguises, openly vulnerable, is delightful.

Joaquin Martin (Barcelona) – teacher:
I really liked the workshop: it’s fun, you learn through play. I think your courses achieve something particularly difficult (and I’m a teacher, so I know) and that is the ability to give information for all levels of ability: from beginners to even the most advanced. I have learnt a pile of things but above all, not to do things automatically. I would have loved to go with the flow of all the delightful stimuli you threw at me, and not be so defensive. Well, little by little. Besides, it’s all about learning to flow, no? So, thanks for everything and keep up the birthing work of all those beautiful clowns. The world is a better place thanks to you.

Mar Domènech (Barcelona) – clown:
During the workshop I felt completely free, something that doesn’t happen every day. What I liked most about the course is that for the first time someone was teaching me that the clown is VULNERABLE. I loved this idea, and I think it’s something that helps the clown come on to the stage without fear. I also liked the large range of exercises and games that were taught, this meant that each session was dynamic and fun. Lots of great ways to keep practicing practising after the course. Thanks to the doses of vitamins you gave my clown, I now feel it wants to come out more often, with greater force and enthusiasm.

Cristina Diaz (Gijón) – doctor:
During the days we shared together, I was able to strip off layers, return to the innocent nakedness with which I came into the world, and experience things as if for the first time. Now it’s impossible not to place a red nose over mine and slowly but surely it’s becoming more difficult to tell which is my real one. I assure you that just thinking about all that we shared in Barcelona brings joy to me. It resembles that feeling of fun and fascination in children, when they tell you about something that is truly important to them. Thanks for everything.

Marcel Torras (Barcelona) – secondary school teacher:
The truth is that, right from the start, you wove magic with your way of being and doing. You created an animated climate that made me feel very comfortable, able to freely express my clown. I want you to know, you’ve awakened a hidden passion in me. It was an unforgettable weekend.

Merce Porta (Barcelona) – speech therapist:
The sheer amount of laughter was impressive, it was as if time no longer existed. The workshop connected me quickly with my joy and vitality, which helped me open up and let myself go. After that enjoyed myself thoroughly, which made me feel very present.

Veronica Anido (Barcelona) – nurse:
During the course I felt completely and utterly myself, a great pleasure I can tell you. It enabled me to see things in a different way, without the usual effort, simply enjoying them for what they were.

Laura Moscardo (Madrid) – student:
You don’t only discover your clown and her personal traits, but you also laugh endlessly. We confronted our fears, from stage fright to fear of failure or the ridiculous, and I now extend that to my everyday life. I’m treating situations of failure as a clown would, accepting the emotions that accompany them as natural. It has been an incredible experience that changed my perspective on things. A clown knows how to see the comedy in life. Now that I’ve discovered mine I will let her respond when and where I want, it’s great!

  Student’s Comments Intermediate & Advenced Clown Workshops  

Wendy Ramos (Lima – Peru) – clown:
Caroline is very perceptive, spotting immediately what works for each person. She allows you to feel safe, to feel the whole time that you are in good hands, that you can allow yourself to be guided and above all, feel free, free to play the open-ended game your way. My clown and I are super grateful to have found an extraordinary teacher.

Mariana Vidal (Argentina) – clown:
Through you, my vision of clowning and the direction I must continue in has been reinforced. Another proof that clowning is a fantastic adventure that allows us to open our hearts and discover ourselves. You provided the security net that I needed to surrender to my Self. I took home a treasure; the energy of my desire, trust, love and passion for what I do. For this, thank you.

David Rubio (Sevilla) – stand up comedian:
Fantastic. I speak from the heart when I say that, even though my expectations were very high, I was not disappointed. The experience has been amazing, I have learnt so much and you’ve given me the definitive push I needed to take my work into theaters. Even though I was left wanting more, wanting more time learning from you (this would be my only criticism of the course!), to absorb so much more. There’s a moment that’s been registered forever in my head, which is when you turned to me and said that you were aware that I had done very little that day and encouraged me to take the stage. Thanks!

Andrés Aguilar (Mexico DF) – founder and director of Risaterapia:
With Caroline Dream and Alex Navarro’s visit to Mexico I recovered the essence of clowning; the vulnerability, the transparency, the energy and, above all, the knowledge that it is all within me. I can never resist the temptation to joke around when I find people watching me, I never have a serious expression in a photograph, no object can pass between my hands without being balanced on my nose, and I cultivate laughter wherever I go. I’ve understood the most treasured of treasures: that I can be me without losing my clown and that I can be a clown without losing myself. Thank you.

Angel Ledezma (Mexico) – actor and clown:
Since I returned to Mexico, I have been trying to incorporate what I learnt with you in the course. By the second month things began to happen that attracted my attention. There were ways in which I began to react to the audience and which immediately gained a response. What I found in the course is beginning to produce results. I’ve spent years performing in theaters, but it’s only now that I go out on stage ready for anything, accepting that I am going to feel things, different things, good things. Without a doubt what I learnt with you has helped me greatly.

Eva Saiz (Barcelona) – clown:
A week after completing the workshop, I’m still completely grateful, amazed, excited, blown away… It’s so very exciting to see that through the red-nose, one can grow and learn… not only as a clown, but also as a person. Thank you for your dedication and your love, they surrounded us like a big hug.

Nuria Valen (Sevilla) – social worker:
Thank you, thank you and thank you for this experience, truly. In addition to everything it gave me internally (and I hope to slowly savor and make the sweet taste last as long as possible) there was also a part of me that opened and connected with many of the people in the workshop. Adorable people who were mirrors for me; with whom I learned, talked, shared, and above all laughed eagerly with.