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Clown Training para Empresas por Caroline Dream
Corporate Clown Training

Excellent workshop. It helped to generate confidence within the management team and we will definitely take advantage of it.

Jose Manuel Rendon Oberhauser | Managing Director Adamantine

It was a really intensive and emotional experience with lots of laughs. For our team it is an important step forward.

Annette Lehr | Trainers Team Leader SEAT

A great experience… a safe environment… a sensitive trainer.

Ariane Schmidt | Trainer SEAT

Letting my clown out more often will be useful for both my personal and work life.

Ana Maria Reyes Osornio | Credit and Risk Manager Adamantine

Caroline Dream brings three decades of experience as a professional clown and clown trainer to her corporate training sessions, adapting content to the needs of each company. She has given Clown Training sessions on group complicity, non-verbal communication, leading with your clown, the secrets of comedy, failure as a prerequisite to success, addressing excessive self-demand, scenic confidence and creativity.
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