Caroline Dream - Clown Training

This workshop was essential for us to definitely stop putting personalities, feelings and emotions in boxes.

Filipa Castela | Adidas Retail Training Manager Iberia

Excellent workshop. It helped to generate confidence within the management team and we will definitely take advantage of it.

Jose Manuel Rendon Oberhauser | Managing Director Adamantine

I’m grateful for the cohesion that was achieved in the team. I think we all received very valuable examples of positive behaviour that we can use in our day to day.

Jose Joaquin Ortiz Garcia | General Director JOYCO

It was a really intensive and emotional experience with lots of laughs. For our team it is an important step forward.

Annette Lehr | Trainers Team Leader SEAT

Excellent instructor and exercises.

Ezequiel Acosta Mora | Corporate University Director ECOPETROL

Experiencing “the clown state” offers numerous useful learnings that can be applied directly in the workplace.
Without effort, the red nose brings out the best in people and this, coupled with an exploration of the clown’s unique skill sets (such as authenticity, generosity, good humour, creativity in the face of set backs and failure, etc.) is profoundly transformative; for each individual and the team as a whole.
Caroline Dream achieves extraordinary results due to a lifetime’s passionate dedication to her art; as a professional clown, world-wide clown trainer and author of the authoritative clowning manual, The Clown In You. Since 2013 she has been blazing the trail in Applied Clowning for the corporate sector.
Corporative Clown Training
Corporative Clown Training
Corporative Clown Training