Yesterday my physical therapist became iluminated before my very eyes.

There we were, enjoying a moment of peace and harmony, looking over some diagrams of the diaphram, when woooosh, she just lit up… literally!

Her clothing had caught on the candle, and before I was even aware of the fact, she started dancing in front of me, wildly beating her bottom before running in flames from the room.

Fortunately, she’d honoured her senses for years. So, on sensing the strange heat at her back, she’d reacted immediately. From my view-point, the fact that she returned unscathed just a few moments later, seemed like a miracle. But on reflection, that’s how miracles can happen. When we have a practice of listening to and reacting on the subtle (and not so subtle) information our senses offer, we can steer ourselves away from disaster and towards opportunity.

Clowns hone all their senses constantly because they are the compass that guides their actions towards #success. Yesterday I was reminded of how useful this honing could prove to be in our day to day lives.

Practice #clown, practice the art of being one step ahead of real disaster.