Back from my holidays with energy restored, a smile on my face and feeling full. Having spent the days eating, conversing, hiking, swimming and relaxing, I feel full of love for life.

It feels great to inhabit the heart. It’s a vibrant, expansive, creative space where sparks of genius arise. Fortunately, there are other ways, apart from taking holidays, to connect with our hearts.

Clowning has always created a bridge between my mind and heart. With my clown’s help I can easily, and instantly, cross from one space to the other. I can delve into all my mind’s worries and obsessions, and freely express the faults and failings I inevitably find in myself. But then, in the next instant, I can forget all that, and just be present and fully alive. I can move into my heart space and show what lies there too.

The heart and brain were designed to work together in this integrated fashion. But sadly, we’re generally so focused on the intelligence of our brains, that we forget to give our heart’s intelligence the time of day.

Give yourself the opportunity to restore the balance, take a #clown training and let your #heart create in partnership with your brain.

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