Being English, I never thought I’d appreciate rain. But after two months of heatwaves here in Barcelona, the feeling I had yesterday was of pure joy. Sitting on the beach, getting wet without the sea, seeing the rainbow form on the horizon, the cool breeze on my skin… I couldn’t imagine anything better than rain.

It brought to mind how much joy the simple pleasures of life bring us and yet how deceptive that word “simple” is. So often, when I ask my clients why they’ve come to clown class, their answer is: “I want to re-connect to the joy of living.” They’ve lost, in the maze of formalities and deadlines, their ability to simply appreciate the abundance of pleasures that life can offer. Intuitively, they know that they need the help of their clowns, who somehow have never lost their ability to discover and relish the simple pleasures, even in the midst of disaster.

If you need to re-set your pleasure dial and drench yourself in fun, I’m offering individual sessions for a handful of clients this August.

#free your spirit, free your #clown.

Caroline Dream